World Pneumonia Day on 2nd November 2014

Brest cancer Awareness Month October 2014

India Lab Expo 2014 from 6th to 8th November 2014 at Hitex, Madhapur

How it Works

Hyderabad Hospitals Directory is created to provide a platform to all Hyderabad Hospital business Hospitals.

How and to whom it works?

I. End User:

»The site provides complete and comprehensive coverage and calendar of all Hospital related events in Hyderabad.
»The website will publish all hot and happenings in Hyderabad
»Gives complete coverage of all events and shows including with content, photos, and videos.
»The end users can also subscribe the events which will enable them to receive the information to their emails.
»The complete information is free of cost.

II. Business User

»Hyderabad Hospitals offers a plethora of paid/subscription services to myriad business houses. The following are a few business houses identified:
⇒General Surgery
⇒General Medicine
⇒Joint Replacement
⇒Kidney  Transplantation
⇒Liver Transplantation
⇒Plastic Surgery
⇒Plastic Surgery

III. Individual Business Users

» Paid/Subscription offers also available to Individual Business users such as:
⇒Up Coming Conferences

IV. Ad Film Making / Video / Portfolio Shoot

Hyderabad Hospitals has excellent infrastructure in terms of state of the art video / still cameras, to shoot ad films for business / individual business uses and it also has state of the art latest technologies editing resources to edit the ads and deliver to the business users. Who can benefit from it

⇒Up coming Events
⇒All Types of Hospitals
⇒And all other business and individual business users.
⇒Business Advertisers

The business advertisers consist of all listed above from point II & III. The advertisers on Hyderabad Hospitals will have the unique advantage of reaching out to the end users, wherein each and everybody associated with Hospitals are available on one single platform. This enables the advertisers to reach out to them and showcase their products, services and solutions. Hyderabad Hospitals offers advertisements in different format with Content/Text based, Images and Video based ads.